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Last updated on January 1st, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

How to use Meta Cookie Tag on your website? The Meta Set-Cookie tag appeared to work with Netscape and it allows you to store a variable (small file) in the client web browser (as a browser cookie) for the entire session or any specified time.

A cookie is like an identification card that is unique to every visitor. The meaning is to let the website know that your visitor has returned. Don't mix up cookies with viruses. It is possible to miss use cookies if it contains personal information, but cookies itself are not harmful.

Using cookies doesn't influence your ranking with the search engines. The title of your page the keywords and the description tag do influence your ranking.

<meta http-equiv="Set-Cookie" content="name, date">

Many websites, also our website meta tags.org, use cookies. These cookies tell us how often and how many pages you have accessed so we can conclude what information has your interest. This way we can offer you more information you are interested in and less in which you are not interested in.

An example of meta tag http-equiv="Set-Cookie"

Add the following meta tag in the source of your webpage. The difference in spelling at the end of the tag is either you use " /> = XML or "> = HTML.

<meta http-equiv="Set-Cookie" content="ACCOUNT=9983373; path=/; expires=Thursday, 20-May-09 00:15:00 GMT">

CONTENT="name=data; path=path; expires=Day, DD-MMM-YY HH:MM:SS ZON">

Cookies can make you more efficient. Have you ever tried to purchase in a webshop and returned a few days later to complete the purchase and found out that your purchase was still in the basket? This is a good example of the use of cookies.

Cookies are used to store preferences and usernames or to register products and services that match your needs.

Where should you add this SET-COOKIE tag?

You may add this meta tag to all of your webpages, so not only on the first index page. Make sure that on every page relevant meta tags are added. Add keywords and phrases that are relevant and correspond to the text and the language on that specific page. It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works!


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