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Meta Tags Meaning - SEO Checklist

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

The meaning of all the different Meta tags & how to use them. Take a look at the list with all the meta tags. Each meta tag is click-able for extra information and details. Also, we explain for every meta tag and HTML-tag the influence regarding your search engine ranking.

There are many Meta tags & HTML-tags and obviously, they don't all influence the search result. For example, the HTML cookie tag doesn't have any influence on your ranking with the search engines but the title of your page, the keywords, and the description meta tag are very important. This list of meta tags and their influence will provide you with all the basic information.

There is a difference between HTML and XML. If you see at the end of a line " /> it means it is XML, if you see "> it is HTML.

The most important meta tags and how to use them

<title>relevant and attractive phrase </title>

The title is the first (usually click-able) phrase you see as a search result.

<meta name="description" content="The meaning of all the different Meta tags & how to use them. Take a look at the list with all the meta tags.">

A description of your website in 3 of 4 sentences.

<meta name="keywords" content="words">

The keywords are the most important words you use on 1 specific page.

<meta name="robots" content="selection">

How far do you allow robots to spider through your website?

<meta name="revisit-after" content="period">

How often do you want the spiders to come back and index your website again?

Other less used and known Meta tags

<meta name="copyright" content="text"> <meta name="googlebot" content="noodp"> <meta name="language" content="English"> <meta name="reply-to" content="email address"> <meta name="web_author" content="text"> <meta http-equiv="name" content="value">

Google uses several meta tags of its own. One specific meta tag used by Google is to prevent that a page is added to the cache of the search engine. A cache is an archived version of a web-page that is stored in the database of a search engine. This provides and shows the (archived) page even if the page is not available anymore on the original website. By adding the following tag you make sure that the archive function doesn't work :


You can use the tag shown above with all the search engines. By replacing 'robots' with 'Googlebot' the tag is exclusive for Google. Google also shows a small description of the search results. It is possible to keep these text fragments out of Google's database. Then use :


The search engine offers many more possibilities to have pages removed out of the index or to have them added quicker.

  • meta name revisit-after
  • meta name abstract
  • meta name webauthor
  • meta name author
  • meta name copyright
  • meta name distribution
  • meta name expires
  • meta name generator
  • meta name googlebot
  • meta name language
  • meta name no email
  • meta name rating
  • meta name reply-to
  • meta equiv content-type
  • meta equiv cache-control
  • meta equiv cookie
  • meta equiv disposition
  • meta equiv
  • imagetoolbar
  • meta equiv ms theme
  • meta equiv pics-label
  • meta equiv pragma
  • meta equiv resource type
  • meta equiv refresh
  • meta equiv script-type
  • meta equiv style-type
  • meta equiv window-target

Meta tags are part of HTML tags. Title tags, heading tags, body tags, meta tags, and alt tags. A good website can't do without them.

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