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Last updated on June 1st, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

Search Engine Relations with Meta Tags, We often get the question: "Do search engines look at each other for ranking?". There are many connections between all of the search engines. The following picture shows a few of these connections. There are many more connections between search engines but this will give you a good overview.

Why only submitting to Google is useless

We believe there are many misconceptions about submitting websites to search engines. One of them is that you only need to submit to Google. This is wrong. Google also checks your ranking with other search engines and all search engines are connected. Meta tags will help you to improve your website (search engine optimization) and we will submit your website to the search engines. We are SEO experts and our goal is to give you clear and correct information. Meta tags will help you to optimize and submit your website to search engines.

Now you see that it's worth it to submit your website to more search engines than just Google! You don't want to risk losing profits! Many people use MSN on their PC and their computer opens with the Bing search page. Even if 1 of 25 people use this example, you may be able to increase your profits by 4%. The actual amount may even be higher!

So only submitting your web-page to Google is not useful. You need a good ranking with all the search engines to get a "high score".

So, we advise you: do not only submit your site to Google. Let us help you get the best ranking possible! Meta tags will help you to improve your website and will submit your site to the search engines and DMOZ. Submission to the search engines is an important item in your marketing mix and provides a perfect expansion to a mail-out or placing an advertisement in the paper.

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