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Last updated on 21 September 2022 by RGB Web Tech

Best Pay Per Click Service Provider Company in India. Stay ahead of competitors and increase sales and conversion rate with professional PPC (Pay Per Click) services provider company in India, our goal is to provide maximum ROI in minimum cost.

What is Pay Per Click?

PPC or pay-per-click, is a type of paid internet marketing in which the advertiser pays a fee to a third-party ad provider, such as Google, to bring traffic to the advertiser’s website. Google Adwords is one such platform. Advertisers, who wish to promote their business / products, can choose to publish ads with Google and has to pay a fee for each visit they get through their Google ads. This is one of the most efficient ways to get direct traffic to your site.

You must have seen sponsored links (ads) in Google search results. It is a popular form of Pay Per Click. RGB Webtech offers high-quality PPC marketing services in India through a number of options, including Search Engine Ad, Display Advertising, Search Network, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, YouTube pre-roll, Mobile Advertising and more. We are the best PPC marketing company which use powerful PPC campaign strategies to provide the best result at the lowest cost.

Why is Pay Per Click Marketing Services Required?

For most businesses who use this marketing strategy, Pay Per Click works as an alternative to organic marketing. The results are quick and easy to measure. It is also known to increase the overall ROI of digital marketing campaigns. In addition, PPC can offer the following advantages, depending on your business goals and requirements.

  • High-level brand exposure.
  • Increase in leads and sales.
  • Easy goal setting and tracking.
  • Superfast results, unlike SEO which often takes a lot of time to get results.
  • Targeting highly relevant and select traffic.
  • Easy to find new customers and prospects.
  • Mostly automated, with little to no physical intervention.
  • PPC works seamlessly with other online marketing channels.
  • Access to a lot of valuable marketing data.

RGB Webtech PPC Management Services

Indian Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, RGB Webtech offer a range of paid online marketing options, as mentioned below.

1. Pay Per Click Audits: Get a custom audit of your existing Pay Per Click and digital marketing campaign (if any) to find out its efficiency and to figure out the things you can do to improve your ROI.

2. Search Advertising: Whether you are looking for paid search advertising or search engine marketing, we offer it all via Google Adwords, Bing Advertising and many other options.

3. Display Advertising: Get a custom audit of your existing PPC and digital marketing campaign (if any) to find out its efficiency and to figure out the things you can do to improve your ROI.

4. Remarketing: This part of our service is aimed at setting up ads targeting a specific audience that had previously shown interest in your products / services, with the aim to improve ROI.

5. Social Media Advertising: Our paid social media marketing helps you to run and maintain effective ad campaigns through a number of social media sites, including Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

6. Mobile Advertising: Mobile search has become a crucial part of search engine marketing, and so we now offer PPC marketing services for all leading mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

7. Google Shopping Ads: We help you run and maintain effective ad campaigns through a number of social media sites, including Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

Our PPC Process

Our process is quite straightforward. It involves the following steps:

1. Account set up: In addition to creating dedicated accounts for you on all your chosen ad platforms, we will manage your accounts to ensure better results at lower costs.

2. Keyword Research and Selection: We use Google and some other resources to research out the best keywords for your target pages and use the same to create ad campaigns.

3. Campaign Build and Launch: Campaigns are built on relevant keyword groups and then, we build and test ads for each group, set campaign budgets and CPC and launch the campaign.

4. Generating relevant leads: The next step involves generating fresh and relevant leads to your business or target landing pages for maximum ROI.

5. PPC Optimization: We also optimize PPC campaigns for landing pages, keywords, bids and other things to make sure that you get maximum conversions from your advertising investment.

6. Account set ROI Measurement and Reporting up: Last but not least, we continuously track the performance of each of our PPC campaigns for ROI and other parameters and provide detailed reports for the same.

Benefits of Choosing Our Company

Wondering why hire this Pay Per Click Advertising Agency? Some of the benefits you get by choosing us are explained below.

1. Instant Results: We promise fast and definite results for all our ad campaigns. Ads with relevant keywords are displayed not only on search pages but also on popular search networks.

2. Mobile-optimized: Most of our ad campaigns are optimized for desktop and mobile devices alike so that you can get traffic from all possible mediums.

3. Ongoing Optimization: We keep tracking the performance of your campaigns for various factors and optimize whatever and whenever needed.

4. Detailed Reporting: Clients are provided timely reports of everything from campaigns set up, launch, performance, ROI, and conversion rates.

5. No long-term contracts: You can choose to stay with us for as long as you feel happy and satisfied with our PPC marketing services.

Each of the above-mentioned PPC management services packages accompanies with the basic services including:

  • Keyword research and selection.
  • PPC landing page creation and optimization.
  • Ad campaign set up.
  • Performance tracking & reporting.
  • Bid management.


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