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Comparison Bootstrap Between Foundation

Last updated on April 15, 2024 by RGB Web Tech

When it comes to being a developer and designer you usually always reach a crossroads of which CSS framework should you use? There are so many Front-end frameworks, but two of the most commonly mentioned ones are Bootstrap and Foundation.

Here is a comparison between Bootstrap and Foundation:

Parameters Bootstrap Foundation
Current Version V 4.0 alpha 6 V 6.4
Preprocessors Less & Sass Sass
Grid system Flexbox-based Floated (flexbox in latest version)
Customization Basic GUI customizer Basic GUI customizer
Community 112k + (stars on Github) 25.8k + (stars on Github)
Browser support Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), Safari (Mac and iOS only), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Opera (Mac and Windows) IE9+ Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), Safari (Mac and iOS only), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Opera (Mac and Windows), IE9+
Design Customizable; a variety of designs. Not that appealing
Normalization/ Reset reboot.css normalize.css
Inline forms Yes No
License MIT MIT
Website getbootstrap.com get.foundation

Front-end Frameworks List: If you want to explore more responsive Front-end Frameworks for your upcoming projects than you can Visit Here.

Conclusion: In order to make a conclusion which framework is better, you have to decide which one suits your requirements. In order to decide you must go through the features that each has to offer. With the given features currently listed, you must overlook that Foundation is quickly evolving and new updates are released frequently. Simply put, Foundation offers a slightly more complex, but a do it yourself style approach that will create something more unique and custom. Whereas Bootstrap allows for easy creation of simple yet elegant websites, with very little knowledge of CSS and JavaScript. Any CSS framework you chose will drastically simplify the web development process and provide the necessary foundations to build an amazing website.

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