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Editor js Web Editor - Open-Source Editor

Last updated on April 15, 2024 by RGB Web Tech

Editor.js is an open-source editor. It allows you to edit blocks of content that you can move around and reorder (it works in a similar way to WordPress's Gutenberg editor). When you click on a block, it shows the specific options available for that particular block. Similarly, when clicking on text content, options for text formatting and inline styles appear.

Editor.js is designed to be extensible and pluggable, thanks to its Application Programming Interface (API). It also returns clean data in the JSON output format.


  • Alexa Rank - 86,163
  • Developer - Editor.js
  • Operating system - Windows
  • Type - HTML Editor
  • Website - https://editorjs.io/

Key features

  • It is a block-style editor.
  • It returns clean data output in JSON.
  • Designed to be extensible and pluggable with a simple API.

If you want to explore more about Text Editor or WYSIWYG Editor, We recommend you to go through our detailed article of HTML Editors.

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