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What is a Textual HTML Editor?

Last updated on April 14th, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

As the name implies, textual HTML editors are text-based. You should have HTML knowledge when using these types of editors. Features include opening files — either a single file, a whole project or multiple projects are universally available for all editors. When using a textual based editor, you can not see a live preview of the website.

This type of editor may provide more freedom and personalized options. Using a textual editor, you may better optimize web pages for search engines. For example, it’s possible to create a web page that follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so that people with disabilities can view your web page.


  • It is Faster to Edit your code.
  • It helps the designer to Learn HTML.
  • It is more Marketable.


  • You know HTML and CSS.
  • It is a Steeper Learning Curve.
  • It is harder to design web pages.

Here is a list of textual HTML Editors:

Conclusion:The purpose of Text Editor is to focus on editing functions for plain text.

If you want to explore more about Text Editor or WYSIWYG Editor, We recommend you to go through our detailed article of HTML Editors.


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