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Mobile App Development Service

The smartphone Apps have changed the definition of every day activity in human life. It has been an essential part of our lives and why not? We do almost everything with the help of an app. The world is connected with mobile apps. In this really techie era, Hyperlink Infosystem can help you to craft some excellent mobile applications for your business & start-ups. We are the leading tailor made mobile app development company, serving finest apps across the globe.

We have top mobile app developers who are highly skilled and updated with the latest technology trend. Our team works with the global firms to transform recognized ideas into stunning & inventive mobile Apps. We have rich experience and creativity in producing stunning mobile apps for different clients over the world.

So, every one of us has at least a mobile phone. Even if we ask a toddler to grab a phone or a paper, the first thing they will grab will be a mobile phone. Rather than the invention of the telephone, the invention of the mobile phone is more life-changing than ever. Mobile phones nowadays not just function as a calling and answering machine, but have been an integrated part of our lives. Nowadays, we use our mobile devices less for the calling functionalities but more for other purposes such as connecting through video calls, social media browsing, online shopping, playing games, browsing through the internet and everything in between. We can do all of these things, all thanks to all those mobile applications we have on our phones and millions of other mobile applications that exist on the google play store and apple app store. We can have all those mobile applications because something called mobile app development exists, the term we are familiar with but with the entire concept. So, we are now going to discuss the entire mobile app development guide starting from what mobile app development is to what are the current trending app development technologies and everything in between.

Mobile Application Development Company

What is Mobile App Development?

Even though we have heard the term Mobile app development thousands of times in our lives, we can not elaborate on the term mobile app development with a proper definition. If we talk about the definition of mobile app development; it is the process of creating software for mobile phones and other devices such as tablets, desktops, iPads and so on. The software can be pre-installed on the devices or users can get it by downloading it from the app store or the mobile browsers.

You must be wondering why you even need a mobile application. What a mobile application can offer? That's one of the basic questions every business owner faces while starting with the mobile app development process. Let's explore how mobile applications can make your business extra-ordinary.

Types of Mobile Apps

  • Native Apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Progressive web Apps

Why Mobile App Development is Important for Businesses?

Even though it sounds like nothing, The mobile application can offer small changes that can leave a strong impression on the businesses. The mobile application can help businesses to send off compelling messages to the target user base for a business relationship to generate more leads. These messages are conveyed accurately. With the goal that visitors can turn into a potential user base. Even a push notification can turn into the greatest way of communication that only mobile applications can offer.

  • Work on User Expectation
  • Strengthening Reliable Consumers Base
  • Helps in Business Growth and Deals
  • Better Understanding of The Customers
  • Business Plans Analysis
  • Ditch The Geographical Location Barriers
  • Customization

Importance of App Development in Different Industries

There is no rocket science in understanding that not every business belongs to the same industry. But there is another fact that mobile apps can help every business to enhance their services no matter which industry they belong to. There are various industries that already exist that mobile app development has enhanced. Let's explore the importance of mobile app development in different industries.

  • Education
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Logistic
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking & Finance

Most Trendy Mobile App Ideas 2023

Now you have all the required knowledge about the app development process that you should have but wait do you really want to stand out from the others? Do you think your app development idea will help you stand out? If you have a second thought about it, here is the list of trending mobile app development ideas that can help you stand out from your competition and help you earn as well.

  • On-Demand Food Delivery Mobile Application
  • An Augmented Reality Mobile Application
  • An Internet of Things (IoT) Based Mobile Application
  • A Video Streaming Mobile Application
  • A Music Streaming Mobile Application
  • An E-learning Mobile Application
  • A Networking Mobile Application
  • A Language Learning Mobile Application
  • A Voice Translation Mobile Application
  • A Reservation System Mobile Application
  • A Virtual Interior Design Mobile Application
  • A Cooking Recipe Mobile App
  • A Reading Mobile Application
  • A Social Gathering Mobile Application
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Mobile Application

Mobile App Development Languages

Just as we have various languages that we speak and prefer, the same goes with mobile app development as well. There are various languages that mobile app developers prefer while the development process and that shape the app development process differently.

  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • JAVA
  • HTML 5
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Lua
  • Action Script
  • SQL
  • Dart

Mobile App Development Frameworks

There are various mobile application frameworks that exist and every one of them has its own abilities and shortcomings. As app developers, you should reflect on the project requirements before choosing the best app development framework.

  • React Native
  • Framework7
  • Flutter
  • NativeScript
  • Meteor
  • JQuery
  • CocoaTouch
  • Xamarin
  • Swiftic
  • Ionic
  • Sencha Ext JS
  • Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)
  • Onsen UI
  • Corona SDK
  • Monaca
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Uno
  • Ktor
  • Aurelia

Mobile App Development Process

As now you have an idea about the languages and frameworks used in mobile app development, it's time we move forward with the mobile app development process. If anyone ever says they can build a mobile application for you by the end of the day; the only thing you will get the next day is yourself repeating the same story, and end up saying "this is how I got scammed by an app developer". The mobile app development process is not as easy as it sounds. The mobile app development process includes every affecting factor starting from finalising the mobile app idea, after-sale support to everything in between. Let's explore every stage of the mobile app development process thoroughly.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Wireframing
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Mobile App Prototype
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Mobile App Deployment

Why is Mobile App Maintenance Important?

Once the app development team delivers the final working mobile application to you, it's now your responsibility to maintain your mobile application and keep the user flow kept intact to your mobile application. You must be wondering why you should maintain your mobile application, so, here is an explanation of how mobile app maintenance can help you.

  • Target Audience Base Maintenance
  • Better Place In The App Stores
  • More Extended Life Of The Mobile App
  • Enhanced Security
  • Better Florishmnent of The Business

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fails

If you are wondering if investing in the mobile application will take you to the top of the Google play store or Apple app store then you are in denial. You should understand the fact that numerous mobile applications not only fail to rank well on the app stores but also lose the entire customer base of the businesses. We are not stating this to boost your second thought but to warn you not to make silly mistakes that can be the reason for your mobile app idea failure. There are certain things that you should not do with your mobile application such as:

  • Inappropriate App Idea
  • Unclear Familiarity With Target Audience
  • Fail to Consider Different Mobile App Platform
  • Mobile App Features
  • Ignorance of User Experience
  • Fail To Keep The Essence of App Idea
  • Underestimating The Importance of Backend Support
  • Eliminating The App Marketing Process
  • App Performance Ignorance
  • Ignoring The Users’ Feedback

Mobile App Monetization Methods

Of course, you are not out there for charity. If you have invested this much in your mobile application, you should earn a bit from it. But keep in mind first, earning from the mobile application should not be your only motive of yours and second, no mobile application will not help you earn billions starting from day one. If you use the proper monetization method in your mobile application, you will be able to turn your mobile application into your primary source of income. Let's Explore the monetization methods you can integrate into your mobile applications.

  • In-app Purchases
  • Freemium Model
  • Advertising
  • Collaboration
  • Paid Mobile Applications

Trends to Consider for Mobile App Development

The mobile apps have been enhancing user experience by integrating various trending technologies. You can enhance the user experience by adopting these below-mentioned trends. These trends are not just some passing by trends but the future necessity of mobile apps. You can stay ahead of the competition by integrating these trends into your mobile applications.

  • Blockchain
  • Apps for Foldable Devices
  • The Introduction of 5G
  • AR/VR Integration
  • AI/ML
  • Super Apps
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • On-Demand Apps

Who Should Be Part Of The Mobile App Development Team?

Mobile app development companies always have a team of experts who help their customers to bring an app idea to life. Different app development companies contain different personals and skilled persons to their team but most of them have all the below listed people under their app development team.

1. Product Owner : Every mobile app idea has a product owner. The product owner can be the person who has come up with the idea, in many cases it is an individual but sometimes it can be a team of individuals who have come up with the idea and have helped with the brainstorming process. The product owner is responsible to deliver accurate information about the features, functionalities and the working of the entire mobile application to the app development team.

2. Business Analyst : A Business Analyst or BA is somebody who will investigate the business prerequisites and assist with defining the right objectives so the way to deal with development is ideal for your exceptional app idea. In particular, a BA will direct exposure to comprehend your app idea, spread out the practical and non-useful prerequisites, get the estimated project development cost, and help with prototyping an intuitive interface.

With everything taken into account, BAs are an important part of the app development team. They generally remember the business esteem, ceaselessly examine the development process, and assist clients with achieving the objectives that were talked about from the start.

3. Project Manager : A Project Manager or a PM is liable for dealing with the whole mobile application development project and guaranteeing it has every one of the finalised features and functionalities, finished on time inside the settled upon financial plan and quality. The Project manager is responsible to keep the app development process smooth and accurate.

4. UI/UX Designer : A UI/UX Designer is another important part of the mobile app development process. This individual is the one that will make your end product instinctive, easy to use, and alluring. They will design each and every function of your mobile application and at the same time ensure that all that inside the application is enhanced to deliver the best user experience for higher user engagement.

5. Mobile App Developer : Next up is the mobile app developer. Developers are individuals who transform all the UI/UX formats into a working mobile application. Consequently, they ought to be knowledgeable about working with your chosen frameworks, the languages, and even cross-platform 3rd party tools. The mobile app developer can be a team of developers depending upon your project requirements. You can hire an app developers team consisting of various developers such as iPhone app developers, Android app developers, front-end developers, back-end developers and so on based on your project requirements.

6. QA Engineer : Finally, a Quality Assurance Engineer or a QA Specialist, or just Tester, is the one who ensures the working of your mobile application. This is an expert who, as the name proposes, is liable for the quality of your mobile application. Consequently, a QA Engineer guarantees that your application works well without any bugs, configures with different devices and platforms, and by and large meets every one of the necessities.


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