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AI in Digital Marketing – Tips and Best Practices

Last updated on April 15, 2024 by RGB Web Tech

AI in Digital Marketing

As is the case with many different fields, AI plays a helpful role in digital marketing. There are many different uses and applications of AI – which, when effectively employed, can improve the efficiency and efficacy of the whole process. This is all the more reason to study it in detail. Enroll in OdinSchool, whose digital marketing course syllabus is updated and industry-vetted

AI Digital Marketing

In this post, we’re going to start at the bottom and look at what digital marketing is and how AI can be utilized in it. We will discuss some examples of online AI software and their role in digital marketing. Then, we’ll wrap up by talking about the benefits of the same.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a fairly broad term. It brings into its ambit:

…all the marketing activities that are done via the Internet.

When a brand or its offerings are promoted or advertised via some channels across the Internet, the promotional/advertising activities are referred to as digital marketing.

There are many sub-types of digital marketing. Some of them are explained below:

  • Content marketing: Content marketing refers to the type of digital marketing in which something is promoted or advertised via online content. This type of marketing is quite popular and ubiquitous. The content used for this can involve everything from blogs and messages to newsletters and testimonials.
  • Email marketing: As the name indicates, this type of digital marketing involves the sending of emails to specific recipients in order to educate them about a certain brand or product. Email marketing is quite possibly the oldest type of digital marketing, and it is generally known to provide steady – even if little – results.
  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing – often abbreviated as SMM – is the type of digital marketing that involves brands and businesses taking to their social profiles to share content with their customers, educate them, and provide them help in other ways to grow the brand’s popularity.

How is AI used in digital marketing?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which AI is used in digital marketing. The following content will be helpful for you if you ever want to utilize it yourself in your own digital marketing endeavors.

It has to be mentioned that digital marketing is a very vast and expansive field. We have talked about three common sub-types above, but there are a lot more. Keeping that in mind, we won’t be able to cover everything that AI can be used for. Rather, we will stick to some of the main aspects.

1. AI can be used to create high-quality contenta

The first type of digital marketing that we discussed above is content marketing. We’re going to correspond with that and mention the first use of AI in terms of content.

Creating high-quality content is challenging – especially now that there is so much of it available on the Internet. You have to make an effort to make it stand out by making it authoritative, unique, original, credible, and easy to understand. With this type of content in hand, you can make your marketing successful.

AI for Digital Marketing

We’re going to break down the process of creating written content (along with how the process is aided by AI).

  • AI can firstly be used in research and content planning. This is typically the first stage of the content creation process. There are AI assistants and research tools available online that can help in this purpose.
  • AI can also help in the writing process itself. There are many content generators available on the Internet that can provide high-quality content at the click of a button.
  • But, for many people, using AI in this total manner can be somewhat unoriginal. They can prefer to write content themselves and take help from AI when it comes to the optimization stage. There are many different tools that can be used in the optimization stage, such as paraphrasing tools (for improving content flow and fluency, grammar checkers, etc.

This is how the entire writing process can be selectively and individually tackled with the help of AI. For people who want to entirely do the process with AI, there is that option available. For people who want to do it partially, those options are available as well.

These types of AI writing tools are usually available in the form of collective toolkits on the Internet. One such toolkit that you can find online is Editpad. On Editpad, there is a range of different AI tools that can aid you in the writing process.

2. AI can be used to automate and optimize email campaigns

One type of digital marketing that we discussed above was email marketing. We’re going to talk about an AI perk related to that now.

Emailing is a very effective digital marketing strategy. Many brands and businesses utilize it. The bigger a business gets, the more extensive its emailing campaign becomes. Large corporations and organizations may find themselves having to send thousands of emails in one day.

AI and Digital Marketing

Now, in email marketing – just like any other digital marketing – content quality is very important. But that we’ve discussed in the heading above. Here, we are going to discuss a different element.

With the help of AI, the email-sending process can be scheduled and automated. This helps save a lot of time and effort – and it also saves the marketer(s) from the hassle of sending messages to each and every person individually.

3. AI can be used to automate SMM activity

The third and last type of marketing that we discussed above was SMM (social media marketing). Just as you can use AI for other types of digital marketing, you can also use it for SMM.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) on social media in the form of posts, etc. This process, i.e., of creating and publishing content, can be time-consuming.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Plus, depending on the schedule of your SMM strategy, you may have to post content at some strange hour – which would require you to be up and active at said hour.

With AI, all of this becomes a whole lot easier. You can simply automate the whole publishing process. This allows you to create the posts at any time that suits you. Then, you can simply automate it to be published at the most opportune time.

Final Thoughts

AI can play a very helpful role in digital marketing. It can help out in different ways in the many different sub-types of digital marketing, such as SMM, email marketing, and so on.

We’ve talked about some of the ways in which you can apply AI in your digital marketing campaigns. You can save a lot of effort and time by doing so.

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