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5 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Needs

Last updated on July 15, 2024 by RGB Web Tech

Blogging seems like a fun and easy task, where you just have to share updates and knowledge in a few hundred words and relax. But in reality, it is a demanding task where you need to be knowledgeable regarding the topic being discussed, share authentic information, be a skillful writer, deliver flawless sentences with correct grammar, ensure originality and uniqueness, etc.

Taking care of all these factors and remaining consistent with precision can be difficult sometimes in blogging. But not anymore; with the emergence of AI in different tools and apps, the writing world has drastically revolutionized. It has enabled bloggers to ease their content creation journey and get desired tasks done with accuracy.

But before using any online utility, it is necessary to learn which tool is necessary for them and which isn’t needed. To further shed light on the topic, explore the article below. Here, you will learn five blogging tools every blogger needs.

1. SmallSEOTools.com – Plagiarism Checker

Detecting plagiarized sentences in their work is a major concern of every blogger these days. That’s why SmallSEOTools.com plagiarism checker free has emerged as an essential tool for them. It accurately scans the provided text to find any instances of plagiarism.

Bloggers can check plagiarism online to verify their content is original and unique, showing similarities with no other source.

The plagiarism detector is integrated with modern AI algorithms that easily understand human written words. The fast and robust algorithms then quickly search all the web pages to find any similarity. The texts are also compared depending on the context behind them, so bloggers aren’t provided with verbatim similarity only.

Based on this comparison, the plagiarism checker concludes with a similar score known as the plagiarism score. It shows the overall percentage of plagiarism found in your blog and the presence of originality in it. Moreover, this tool also displays the sources that are found to be similar.

2. DupliChecker.com – Grammar Checker

Bloggers need to have a proofreading assistant to make their blogs free from common errors. DupliChecker, catering to their needs, offers the best online grammar checker that can help them rectify grammar and other typo errors. This tool is designed using cutting-edge technology based on language and grammar rules. You can use this free grammar check service by visiting https://www.duplichecker.com/grammar-checker.php

Moreover, this AI grammar corrector is an ideal solution for bloggers and website owners to evaluate their content quality and identify minor to major mistakes. It will readily detect any syntax or orthographical error in your writing and suggest its correction immediately. You can fix the highlighted mistakes and make your blogs error-free by clicking on them.

It is the best writing assistant for bloggers who need to create content in different languages. It offers grammar checking in more than 20+ languages. Thus, by using this tool, you can rectify spelling and grammatical errors and improve the quality of your work.

3. SearchEngineReports.net – AI Content Detector

Nowadays, bloggers utilize various tools that integrate AI technology. For instance, they can generate ideas for titles and subheadings or learn unique concepts with AI-based tools. While getting help and ideas from such tools, they may accidentally enact the AI writing style, which can bring negative outcomes.

Therefore, AI content detection is needed for every blogger to verify their content doesn’t reflect AI writing patterns. AI Content Detector by SearchEngineReports.net is a competent tool that can provide a range of benefits for bloggers.

It scans the provided text to detect AI-generated text and human-written sentences. Its results are 100% accurate without the possibility of false detection.

4. Check-Plagiarism – Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is an essential skill for every content writer that lets them create unique blog posts, remove plagiarism, and improve overall quality. As not every blogger is a master in paraphrasing techniques, the use of an online paraphrase tool can be effective.

Check-plagiarism offers a proficient paraphrasing tool that transforms the written sentences into a completely distinct style. The AI-integrated algorithms comprehend the context behind human words and generate text conserving it. As a result, the paraphrased sentences contain unique vocabulary and sentence structure, displaying a completely new version.

During the process, the paraphraser sets the tone and delivery of voices to improve sentence readability. It thus makes your blogs easy to read and understand by the audience with good quality paraphrased content.

5. Ryrob.com – Blog Idea Generator

Writer’s block or inability to craft unique ideas for writing is an exhausting phase for bloggers. Instead of feeling overwhelmed for not being able to find new blog ideas, they can get assistance from an automated blog idea generator.

The Blog Post Idea Generator offered by RYAN ROBINSON is an amazing tool that can provide them with great and powerful topic ideas. The tool is entirely free and powered with AI technology to generate unique concepts.

It helps bloggers to explore ideas instantly with just a single click. The blog idea generator can create dozens of high-quality ideas by simply entering a keyword.


Blogging involves multiple text analysis, editing, and proofreading tools. Thanks to modern online tools that have offered them the ability to get their work done easily without any errors. Some prominent assistive writing and analysis tools are shared above. We hope that by utilizing these tools, bloggers fulfill their content demands.

Written by RGB WEB TECH

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