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3 Helpful AI Tools for Teachers and Educators

Last updated on April 15, 2024 by RGB Web Tech

When we talk about online AI tools, we often think of them as being useful for students writers, etc. But just as they are useful to these types of people, they are also helpful to teachers and educators.

There are many tasks that teachers and educators have to perform on a daily basis that can be time-consuming to do manually. They can be anything, from lesson preparation to test marketing. To get help for these tasks, online tools can be used.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at some AI tools that can be helpful for educators and teachers. Let’s dive right in.

1. Grammarcheck.ai

Checking for grammar issues is typically something that students are expected to do before they hand in their assignments. Checking for grammar and spelling errors can be done manually, but online tools make it a lot easier.

But, apart from students, using grammar checkers can also be very helpful for teachers and educators. For example,

  • It can help them easily find out the errors in the assignments and write-ups submitted by their students.
  • It can help them teach students the errors they typically make and how to correct them

Considering these types of uses, the first tool that we’re mentioning on our list is Grammarcheck.ai.

As the name indicates, Grammarcheck.ai is an online grammar checker tool. It has a simple functionality. You can enter your text into it and start the checking process. Once the checking process is done, the errors and mistakes in the content are highlighted.

After the errors are pointed out, you can click on each of them one by one to see the correct suggestions. You can then apply those suggestions by giving them a click.

While the working is simple enough, there are some perks and features that make this tool excellent to use. We will list some of those before moving on to the next one.

Features of Grammarcheck.ai

  • It is free to use, and it does not require any signing up.
  • It has a fairly accurate working. You can trust it to find out the major errors in your text.
  • It provides suggestions and brief explanations for all the errors that it points out. This makes it easier for the users to not only correct the errors but also understand and avoid them in the future.
  • It provides a feature to “Resolve All.” This feature essentially fixes all the errors in the text without requiring you to go to each one and choose the right suggestion.

2. Imagetotext.info

There can be many different situations where teachers and educators may face the need to extract written text from an image. For example, they may want to take an image of their physical lecture notes and provide them to the students in digital form. Or, they may want to convert an assignment in image form to normal text, etc.

To address these types of needs and requirements, the next tool that we’re mentioning on our list is Imagetotext.info.

Imagetotext.info is an online OCR tool. It serves the purpose of converting an image into text. In other words, if there is an image that contains written text, the tool extracts it and presents it in a simple text form.

It provides a number of different features. One of the most remarkable features of this tool is that it can process multiple images at once. It can be a bit of a hassle to enter an image, get the text, copy it, and then move on to the next one. With this particular tool,, you don’t have to worry about that. You can simply enter images in bulk and get their results collectively.

There are, of course, other features that this tool provides that make it a good choice to use. We’re going to mention them next.

Features of Imagetotext.info

  • It can be used for free. There is a premium membership option available, but it is not necessary.
  • It supports a number of different file-importing methods. You can drag and drop your image to the tool. There is an option to fetch images from Dropbox as well as from your local storage. You can also add an image link, and the tool will fetch it automatically for you.
  • It allows you to download the output text to your local storage. Once the text from the image has been extracted, you can save it to your device by clicking on the download button.

3. Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

Plagiarism checkers are perhaps one of the most useful online tools that teachers and educators can need. These tools help them check for plagiarism in the work submitted by students. Checking for plagiarism manually is not possible, which is why using tools is necessary.

Keeping that in mind, the third and last tool that we’re mentioning here on this list is the plagiarism checker by Editpad.

The plagiarism checker is made to analyze a piece of text and find out if it contains anything that already exists on the Internet. If there is any content that the tool finds to be already existing on an online source, it is pointed out as plagiarism in the input text.

Once again, while the working is quite simple, there are some features that this tool provides that make it better than the rest. We are listing those below.

Features of the Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

  • It can be used for free (with limits on the number of words you can input).
  • It provides accurate results with details of the sources from where the content is taken from.
  • Provides a downloadable plagiarism report.
  • It lets you add a URL to exclude a page from being included in the plagiarism check

Final Thoughts

While there are a lot of others as well, the AI tools that we’ve mentioned above are some of the ones that we think can be very helpful to teachers and educators. An online grammar checker has great uses for teachers, such as helping them quickly check their students’ work.

An online OCR tool can help teachers convert images to text, and share the text files with their class. Last but not least, an online plagiarism checker can help teachers determine the uniqueness of the write-ups submitted by their students.

Written by RGB WEB TECH

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