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Top FREE Ping Submission Site List

Last updated on January 1st, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

Have you ever encountered an issue while indexing your sites on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine? If yes, then using high authority ping submission sites can help index your website faster. Ping sites enable setting up your own blog or website in just no time. Just one click is enough to start your very own blog.

There are various paid and free ping submission sites. You can choose any as per your business requirements. These websites are one of the best techniques to get your backlinks, websites, and blogs index through feed websites, search engines, and web directories.

What is Pinging?

It is a process in which you submit your site or blog to distinct search engines with a pinging tool’s aid. These tools are very famous for indexing your site or blog to big search engines in a small term. With the pinging tools’ help, you would get an auto backlink that enhances your site ranking in organic search results.

You would be amazed to know that more than 60% of the link-building efforts failed because the search engines did not index them, and with the help of ping submission sites, you can do that easily.

What is a Ping submission site?

These sites are SEO Off-page activity practiced to get quick indexing of websites and blogs in Google and other search engines. It assists in crawling and indexing the newly created backlink. The process is pretty easy and straightforward, all you require is to submit your blog here, and the sites start working automatically.

You need to ensure that you use good quality content as if you are applying poor quality content, then even after crawling, search engines might not be able to rank your website. Ping submission sites help enhance the SERP and SEO rankings that boost your website’s organic traffic.

Benefits of ping submission sites

Ping Submission sites bring various advantages to your website and make your online presence strong and enticing among the visitors. Each and every digital marketing expert is aware of the perks of ping submission sites; thus, they prefer using these sites during off-page SEO activity.

We will mention both paid and free ping submission sites list, but both of them are beneficial. So let us have a look at their advantages in general:

  • With the help of these websites, you would be able to quickly submit your blog, site, and backlink to several directories and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • The best part is that these sites inform the search engines about fresh content and backlinks, intensifying your SEO and SERP ranking.
  • They can also enhance the visibility of the website and boost organic traffic to your blog.
  • Through ping submission sites, you can get more imminent to your viewers and make a great connection with the target customers.
  • A lot of the sites are free and are more beneficial as compared to other off-page SEO techniques such as directory submission, link submission, etc.
  • These are some of the benefits of the ping submission sites, plus they also provide you with an opportunity to stand globally in front of your competitors and target customers. These websites also offer you a unique identity for your blog or website.

How to get your New Website Indexed?

If you have a new website, you would have to take some simple steps before using these sites to avail the maximum benefit. These are the few steps:

  • First, you need to build a sitemap by using Yoast SEO plugin or Google Sitemaps plugin.
  • After that, the sitemap needs to be submitted to Google Search Console.
  • Remember that you would have to add your site to all the big Search Engine Submission Sites.
  • Once this is done, the next step is to set up the site’s RSS Feed Submission Site.
  • Then add the URL of your website to your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Use Social Bookmarking sites to bookmark your website.
  • Check the free ping submission list and submit your new website to the site as per your requirement.
  • Do write some fresh and good quality articles and submit them on Article submission sites because it helps boost traffic and ranking of your website.

How to use these New Ping Submission Sites?

If you use Ping Submission Sites of high domain authority, it will become even more convenient for you to index the website through numerous search engines. Below mentioned are a few steps that can be utilized for using ping submission sites even more effectively:

  • The first step is to choose any ping submission site from the Free High DA Ping Submission Sites List.
  • Once selected, go to the website and fill the form. There would be a few fields that you need to fill, such as title, Blog URL, and choose the category in which you want to submit it.
  • Fill complete details in the form properly and correctly.
  • Type the URL of your site or blog that you wish to get indexed by the search engines.
  • Just click on the submit button and click on save.
  • All done from your side, they will send you a confirmation message stating that your site has been registered.
  • The best part is that no signup is required; in just a single click, your work is done. The site will get indexed within 24 hrs by the search engines.

Any user can perform ping submission tasks easily with the help of these steps. But, you need to ensure that you fill in the correct information in the form and do not miss any important information.

If the form is filled incorrectly, it gives a bad impression on your online profile and ruins your site or blog’s image.

How does Ping Submission help in crawling newly created backlinks and blog posts?

In SEO, ping submission is one of the most effective and beneficial methods that help make your business renowned everywhere. It is the SEO task that assists in getting sites, blogs and backlinks indexed by the popular search engines on the web such as Yahoo, Google, etc.

This is the only SEO off-page activity through which you can get your site or blog crawled by numerous significant Search Engines, Feed Websites, Aggregators, News Websites, Web Directories, and more.

It is one of the quickest ways to enhance your online presence on distinct social media platforms. There are various free submission sites available, and it is very simple to use it and submit your website or blogs on it.

Ping Submission Sites List to Boost Your Indexing

Here is the list of Top Free Ping Submission Sites List. This list has been made after doing thorough research to not have to spare your time searching for the best ones. You can choose one as per your business requirement.

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FAQs on Ping Submission

Question 1 : Do these websites help index the backlinks quickly?

Answer : Ping submission sites are one of the most effective SEO methods that work really well to index your site, blog, or backlink instantly. It is easy to implement and all you need is to submit your post on any top FREE Ping Submission Sites List.

Question 2 : Can you earn a quality link from ping submission?

Answer : Ping submission does not help to get a quality backlink. These websites' major purpose is to tell the search engines about the lately created link and blog post. You cannot get a quality link from it, but telling the search engine about the new link becomes very simple through ping submission sites.

Question 3 : Do these sites help enhance website ranking?

Answer : Ping submission sites for sure help in enhancing the website ranking on search engines. They inform Google about the newly created links and sites. If you get the blog indexed by ping submission sites, it can help you raise the website ranking.

Question 4 : Is Ping Submission simple to complete?

Answer : Ping Submission is a simple and quick off-page SEO technique to index the recently created link. It takes just a few clicks to implement this technique, and you get the best results if your content is of good quality.

You just need to find the best ping submission site, search for the option of submitting your website on it. Enter the URL, click on submit and save it. Thus, using this method can help the newly created website to index them on Google quickly.

Question 5 : How can I search for Ping Submission sites for indexing?

Answer : Searching for the right ping submission site is not an easy process. You would have to invest a lot of time in searching for the right ping submission site, but the free ping submission sites list that is mentioned above can make this task easy for you.

Ping submission sites are vital for boosting your website’s indexing on search engines. Hence, from the free ping submission sites list, pick the one that gives preeminence benefit and raises the organic traffic to your website. Once you begin working with these websites, you will get immense benefits and would be able to promote your website and blogs on big search engines easily.


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