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SEO Websites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social bookmarking websites list are a high-quality manner to promote any website, event or emblem so quickly on the internet. These days we have got shared some of the great high PR (Page Rank) social bookmarking sites so that it will let you create great inbound links and power big. In case if you are belonging to any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industries or organizations then this put up might be ideally fitted for you or your sites. Making a link to social bookmarking sites plays a very powerful role to get excessive rank in search engines.

Directory Submission Site List

Directory submission website list in search engine optimization (SEO) is a procedure of filing our site URL on various enterprise directories or internet directories to create backlinks. Backlinks are utilized by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., to improve website ranking. If you have more one-way links for your site from relevant sites, the ranking of your site will enhance.

Article Submission Sites

Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business or products and then getting them added to the popular article submission web directories. There are various benefits of article submission including marketing, advertising and publicity of your business or product on the World Wide Web.

Classified Submission Sites

Classified Submission is a procedure where you are making the world aware of your business, product, and services. It contains off-page search engine optimization (SEO) process business awareness and site promotion both locally & nationally.

List of Social Networking Sites

Social networking is the practice of growing the number of one\'s business and social contacts by making connections through individuals, often through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Depending on the social media platform, members may be able to contact any other member.

Forum Posting Sites List

Forum posting is an online discussion website where people can ask their queries with each other in the form of messages. It is one of the effective ways to create backlinks to the website and drive traffic to your website or blog. These websites are the best place to increase your knowledge.

Press Release Websites List

Press release submission refers to writing about new products, events, or services of the company or business and submitting it to PR (Public Relations) sites. It is an off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy the help popularize your products, events, or services on the web to improve the SEO of your website.

Search Engine Submission Website List

Search engine submission is an effective tool for website or web pages promotion. The tool name is the google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool, Yandex webmaster tool, etc. It refers to the direct submission of a website and web pages to search engines. It is a form of internet marketing that helps webmasters to increase the rankings of website or web pages.

Video Sharing Sites List

Video submission is the process of submitting your unique company introduction, publishing any product videos, etc. You can get tremendous traffic in the easiest way of marketing to your business and product. Creating a viral effect and most of the companies use the same technique to improve their online reputation on the internet.

Story Sharing Sites List

Story submission generally refers to the writing of a story that is relevant to your online business and then getting them added to the popular a story submission directories. There are various benefits of a story submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web.

Image Sharing Sites List

Image submission in search engine optimization (SEO) simply means leaving images related to your site in different image submission or sharing websites. Image submission involves choosing the right image, image description, alternate text, file format, etc.

RSS Feed Website List

RSS feed submission refers to the submission of RSS feeds to RSS submission directory websites to boost your search engine ranking. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and sometimes also for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS feed contains updates of your site, i.e. updated content, images, videos, links, etc.

Web 2.0 Website List

A Web 2.0 is a type of platform online and “submission” is the practice of creating content on these platforms with a link to your site. This is done for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes (making websites appear higher within search engine rankings) and can be a long task to do yourself manually.

Free SEO Audit Tools List

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are designed to help improve the SEO of your website pages. Our free SEO tools are designed to help you promote and build traffic to your site, this is achieved by search engine submissions, meta tag generator, search term research tool, web content tool and many more.

Portfolio Website List

A portfolio site is an extension of companies or freelancer\'s résumé. It provides a convenient way for potential clients/customers to view your work projects and allowing you to expand on your skills and services or products. You can showcase your skills and abilities include your name (or company name) and contact information at the top of your SEO portfolio.

Blog Comment List

Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between bloggers, blog and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange thoughts, ideas, or opinions about what people feel for a particular blog topic or a blog post. Blog comments help the blog to attract more traffic and make it social.

Blog Submission List

SEO blog submission is an off-page search engine optimization (SEO) activity where users and owners of the site actively post articles related to the site. It is also a core off-page (SEO) activity where the site can convert one time visitors into repeat visitors to your website.

List of Business Networking Websites

Business Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which entrepreneurs and business people meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.

Infographics Submission Sites

Infographic submission is the most effective and most recent technique used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through social media. Infographics are typed of graphical representation depicting some information or integrated with data.

Free PDF Submission Sites

Pdf submission is a method to get maximum visibility of one\'s site and instant links. It generates traffic from the file-sharing sites, creates backlinks and thus helps to improve search engine ranking (SER).

Gov Websites List

Getting a .gov backlink simply means getting mentioned on a government site with a hyperlink pointing towards your site. The mention can be by way of a clickable link, or a clickable phrase that points to your website with the help of anchor text link.

Edu Backlink List

Getting a .edu backlink simply means getting mentioned on an education website with a hyperlink pointing towards your website. The mention can be by way of a clickable link, or a clickable phrase that points to your website with the help of anchor text link.

Free SEO Audit Tools List

You can think of a search engine optimization (SEO) Audit as an evaluation of a site that grades the website for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO Audits are completed by checking each step on your website audit list and finding any issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost your web page\'s search engine performance.

Blog Submission Sites for SEO

A blog site is a website where you can update your product or business\'s latest information regularly. It normally consists of a collection of your posts. Posts may be informal, controversial, short, or more professional.

Best SEO News Sites List

As a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, you have to keep updated your SEO knowledge and strategies. So you have to follow some good websites that provide the latest SEO News. Here is a list of good SEO news websites list.

Best Showcase Sites

Showcase pages are used to represent a business, brand and company initiative for the online long term marketing. You can share your messages and discuss them with your potential audience at showcase pages. We provide top showcase websites list, all are web inspiration websites list to promote your brand online. You can describe titles along with icons for the audience’s better understanding of these sites.

Wiki Submission Sites

Wiki submission allows users or you to submit unique and insightful content for content syndication. Content syndication is a form of syndication in which your content available from one website to another website. Here at LinkoFruit, you will find “High PR Wiki Submission Websites” to gain ranking and traffic to your site.

Ping Submission Sites

Ping Submission is the best way to gain the attention of several search engines like google, bing, yahoo, Yandex, etc. It is a process to let search engines know about your site or web pages that you want to be crawled and given the value.

Profile Creation Sites for SEO

Profile creation is one link building technique in which we create a profile in different platform\'s site such as forum websites, social networking, web 2.0 sites, etc. and give our product or business details in it and also give our site link in that profile page from which we can get backlink to our site.

Free Classified Sites in India

India Classified Submission is a procedure where you are making the india aware of your products, services, and business. It contains off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process business awareness and site promotion locally & nationally.

Free Classified Sites in Australia

Australia Classified Submission is a procedure where you are making Australia aware of your products, services, and business. It contains off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process business awareness and site promotion locally & nationally.

Canada Free Classifieds Sites List

Canada Classified Submission is a procedure where you are making Canada aware of your products, services, and business. It contains off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process business awareness and site promotion locally & nationally.

SEO Websites Checker List

Website Backlink Finder

Backlink Checker is developed to give you access to the backlink profile of any website on the web. See who is linking to your website. you can research your best performing content. Find your competitor\'s most useful backlinks and analyze their backlink profile to spot patterns and possible link opportunities.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool Online

Keyword Position Checker is a tool used to detect the keyword position of a site or URL in the search engine likes Google, bing, yahoo, Yandex, etc. A given keyword is competing with other websites for the same keyword in the search engine.

Grammarly Plagiarism Tool

Plagiarism Detection or checker is the process of locating instances of plagiarism within a work or document. The widespread use of computers and the advent of the Internet have made it easier to plagiarize the work of others. Detection of plagiarism can be undertaken in a variety of ways.

Load Time Checker Website

What is the web page speed test? It is known as the Web Page Load Timing on Web Browser. When the user comes to your website and opens your web pages on the web browser and then which time your website or web page takes to loading properly on the web browser, that is called a website or web page speed time. The web page speed testing tools are these tools where you can check whether your website or web pages are loading fast or not.

Website Links Count Checker

Website Links Count Checker is the tool for checking how many outgoing and incoming links are linking on a specific website or web page. You will only have to input or copy and paste a web URL onto the checker\'s box and then click on it to find out the number of links are linking to that specific website or web page.

Google Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker scans your whole website or web page and provides a broken links report within a few minutes. The extension highlights which website or webpage links are live and which ones are broken. Quickly detecting all your broken backlinks and dead web pages in real-time.

Mobile Friendly Checker Tool

A mobile-friendly checker is a tool that allows you to easily carry out a mobile website test telling about a site\'s score in terms of mobile responsiveness. Just like Google mobile-friendly test tool is inspired to calculate the score that Google does.

Google Malware Checker Tool

Google Malware Checker is a program that can scan sites and provide users with web security reports. This free online site scanner analyzes if the site that you want to visit contain malicious content, suspicious scripts, and other web security threats that are hidden within the site content.

Spell Checker Websites List

Is your website niche with a lot of topic specific jargon? Use \"words to ignore\" field to add site specific words you wish the spell checker to ignore. For this tool to work, we must crawl the site or page you want analyzed.

Website Page Size Checker List

Website Page Size Checker is one of the wonderful SEO tools to know the page size of any specific website or web page URL. It is a magic tool that users can use to check a website or web page size online.

SEO Tools Website List

Meta Name Generator

Meta Tag Generator Tools helps to generate meta tags for your website or web pages. Meta tags are HTML tag content that provides metadata about your site such as meta title, meta description, meta keywords, etc. Meta tags are used by search engines to help index your website or web pages and to provide relevant content in their search results pages.

Online Website Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator Tools helps to generate a sitemap for your website or web pages. A sitemap is a file where you can list your website or web pages to tell search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) about the organization of your website content. Search engine web crawlers which are Googlebot read your sitemap more intelligently to crawl your site.

Online Ping Website Tool

An online ping tool is widely used by the webmaster to submit a website or web pages to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.). Pinging your site or page URLs to the search engine is very important in many cases. It helps you submit a website or web pages to google quickly. Google or any other search engine would not be able to know itself about the changes or updates on your website or web pages.

URL Rewriting Generator

URL rewriting tool is used to make a long URL of your website or web pages into a short URL. A rewrite engine is a software component that performs rewriting on Uniform Resource Locators (URL), modifying their appearance. This modification is called URL rewriting.

Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool

Link Analyzer Tool allows you to keep track of all the links of your website or web pages. Using the link analyzer tool, you can analyze both external and internal links related to your website or web pages.

Domain Blacklist Lookup

Blacklist Lookup or checker tool checks your site domain is blacklisted by Google or not. You can use a blacklist lookup tool to diagnose the blacklist status if you are getting Google’s security warning while accessing the URL in Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc. If your site domain is blacklisted and you are not sure how to clean up your domain, then you may avail SUCURI service. A safe browsing test may also help if you are purchasing an existing site to ensure you are not buying a blacklisted domain.

Keyword Tool Suggestion

Keyword suggestion Tool is a free online keyword research tool that researches thousand of keywords or any topic and displays the result of daily searches, traffic, and competition on that keywords. So that you can easily choose a perfect keyword for your site, articles, blog, etc.

SEO Meta Tags

Learn More About Meta Tags

Welcome to SEO Meta tags for the website, Why some sites are No. 1, and why some will never be found. Overall 80% of all people use search engines to find information on the internet. About 60% of them use the search engine Google. Hardly anyone knows your internet domain name but often they do know the business you are in.

Use of Meta Tags

Let\'s be honest, Meta tags are not the Ultimate Solution to get ranked high in the search engines overnight. There are other methods to get to the top of the list. By the number of links on your site, the content of your site, and how your website is constructed all play a part. Also, the age of your website or domain is important.

Meta Tags Start

How to start with meta tags and create effective meta tags? You have finished making your website, or it has been developed for you. A lot of text has been added and photos have been digitized. The website or web-shop is now open for business. Maybe you even can accept online payments so people can pay directly for their purchases. Now you are anxiously waiting for orders and payments to be made.

Relations Meta Tag

Search Engine Relations with Meta Tags, We often get the question: \"Do search engines look at each other for ranking?\". There are many connections between all of the search engines. The following picture shows a few of these connections. There are many more connections between search engines but this will give you a good overview.

Meta Tags Meaning

The meaning of all the different Meta tags & how to use them. Take a look at the list with all the meta tags. Each meta tag is click-able for extra information and details. Also, we explain for every meta tag and HTML-tag the influence regarding your search engine ranking.

Meta Charset HTML

The HTML charset attribute is used to specify the character encoding for the HTML document. The charset attribute could be overridden by using the lang attribute of any element.

List of All Meta Tags

Please find the Basic HTML Meta Tags List for your websites or blog. Our main aim is to include all meta tags listed as possible. If you find more meta tags that we have not included in our list. You can comment on the comment section, so that we can include more meta tags on our list.

Meta Name Title

How to use Meta Title Tag on your website? The meta title is the name of an HTML document. It is stored in the head data of the document. It can only appear once in the entire document. Optimizing meta titles for better rankings is an important part of SEO. Alternative descriptions of meta titles are the title tag or page title. The addition \"Meta\" is technically incorrect because it is not a meta-description. However, in practice, the title counts as part of the metadata in the header of a website.

Meta Description HTML

How to use Meta Description Tag on your website? How do you explain to your visitor in only 2 or 3 phrases what they can expect on your website? You use the so-called meta description tag. Google speaks of Meta Description, Meta Descriptions, or Meta description problems.

Meta Tag Keywords HTML

How to use Meta Keywords Tag on your website? Over 80% of all online proceedings start with a search query. You browse to a search engine and you will fill out certain keywords that match what you are looking for. That\'s why it\'s so important to put relevant and correct keywords in your meta tags in the source of your web-page.

Meta Robots Noindex

How to use Meta Robots Tag on your website? How do you explain to a spider of a search engine you only want it to index just the first page of your website or that it is allowed to index the whole website? You use a specific HTML meta tag for the so-called meta robots tag.

Meta Tag Revisit After

How to use Meta Revisit After Tag on your website? By using this so-called REVISIT-AFTER meta tag you can tell the spider to come back to your website and index it again. This meta tag is used by several North American search engines.

Meta Name Abstract

How to use Meta Abstract Tag on your website? The meta tag abstract can be used to indicate in just a very short sentence what the web-page is about. So every webpage of your website gets its abstract-tag.

Meta Name Author

How to use Meta Author Tag on your website? How to give credit to the person or company that made your website? You use the so-called AUTHOR meta tag. There are also Content Management Systems (CMS) that will put the name of the actual person editing the page. If used like this, it is easy to find the right person who is responsible for a web-page.

Meta Tag Contact

How to use Meta Contact Tag on your website? The meta contact name is used to add an email address. This can be the email address of f.x. the builder of the website. Unfortunately, spam robots make use of this email address to send you unsolicited (spam) email.

Meta Name Copyright

How to use Meta Copyright Tag on your website? How do you explain that the photos and the text on your website are protected? You use the so-called COPYRIGHT meta tag.

Meta Tag Distribution

How to use Meta Distribution Tag on your website? The meta tag distribution defines the level or degree of distribution of your web-page and how it should be classified to methods of distribution on the world wide web. There are currently only three forms of distribution supported by the distribution tag:

Meta Tag Expires

How to use Meta Expires Tag on your website? The expires meta tag tells search engines when the content on your website will expire. The expires meta tag defines the expiration date and time of the document being indexed. If your website is running a limited-time event or there is a preset date when your document will no longer be valid, you should include the expires tag to indicate to search engines when to delete your web-page from their database.

SEO Meta Generator

How to use Meta Generator Tag on your website? How do you add a description of the program you used to build your website? You use the so-called meta name generator tag, also known as the formatter tag. This tag you can add to the HTML of your website, in your meta tags.

Meta Tag Googlebot

Googlebot is the general name for two different types of crawlers: a desktop crawler that simulates a user on desktop, and a mobile crawler that simulates a user on a mobile device. Your website will probably be crawled by both Googlebot Desktop and Googlebot Smartphone

Meta Name Language

How to use Meta Language Tag on your website? How do you explain in which language your website is in? You use the so-called LANGUAGE tag.

Meta Tag News Keywords

How to use Meta News Keywords Tag on your website? One of the best ways to ensure that your site appears for particular user queries is to make sure that your article naturally contains the words, names, and figures that are central to a particular news story. If you create an information-rich site that clearly and accurately describes your topic, you will improve your chances of appearing in our search results for relevant queries.

Meta Tag No Email

How to use Meta No Email Tag on your website? The meta tags no-email-collection is an unspam.com initiative. Sure, the die-hard spammer will not be stopped by this tag. This tag is mainly used to have a statement on your website: we don\'t want you to harvest our email address.

Meta Tag Rating

If you wish to rate your page’s audience appropriateness, use the rating meta tag. This meta tag is often used to let the younger web-surfers know the content is appropriate. If you use this tag the wrong way (call an adult website safe for kids is bad!) you will get banned for life.

Meta Tag Reply To

How to use Meta Reply To Tag on your website? By adding the email address of your webmaster in the REPLY-TO tag you can explain how people can contact the right person in your organization who is responsible for your website.

Meta Tag Slurp

How to use Meta Slurp Tag on your website? Yahoo\'s NOYDIR Opt-Out for Yahoo Directory Titles & Descriptions. The search engine Yahoo! supports the use of the so-called ‘NOYDIR’ Meta tag. It might have been a long time ago since your website has been added to the index of the Yahoo Directory. And it could be that the title or description that is still in there has to be changed. If you want to force Yahoo to add your new title and meta description tag of your website use the so-called NOYDIR meta tag.

Meta Tag Web Author

How to use Meta Web Author Tag on your website and how do you put in your website the name of the company that made your website? You use the so-called WEB_AUTHOR meta tag.

Meta Tag Cache Control

How to use Meta Cache-Control Tag on your website? The meta cache-control tag allows Web publishers to define how pages should be handled by caches. They include directives to declare what should be cacheable, what may be stored by caches, modifications of the expiration mechanism, and re-validation and reload controls.

Meta Tag Content Type

How to use Meta Content Type Tag on your website? The HTML meta tag HTTP-EQUIV CONTENT-TYPE allows you to specify the media type (i.e. text/HTML) and the character set. As different languages have different default character sets, this can be important in ensuring that your page displays correctly in all browsers. So using this meta tag can be very important.

Meta Tag Cookie

How to use Meta Cookie Tag on your website? The Meta Set-Cookie tag appeared to work with Netscape and it allows you to store a variable (small file) in the client web browser (as a browser cookie) for the entire session or any specified time.

Meta Tag Disposition

How to use Meta Disposition Tag on your website? This meta tag is a so-called \'application handler\'. It facilitates the use of the extension of a file. Examples are the well known .doc extension for a Word document or .xls extension for a spreadsheet.

Meta Tag Imagetoolbar

How to use Meta IMAGETOOLBAR Tag on your website? This meta tag is used to facilitate how to handle images and photos when you use Internet Explorer. If you want your images and photos to be visible constantly, it is best not to use this meta tag.

Meta Tag MS Theme

How to use Meta MS Theme Tag on your website? The MSThemeCompatible tag is used if you want Windows XP to adjust the XP theme to your website. E.g. the buttons and a drop-down menu will be shown in the XP design. MSThemecompatible only works with Internet Explorer from version 6.

Meta Tag Pics Label

How to use Meta Pics Label Tag on your website? The PICS ( Platform Independent Contact rating Scheme) specification enables labels (metadata) to be associated with Internet content. It was originally designed to help parents and teachers control what children access on the Internet, but it also facilitates other uses for labels, including code signing and privacy.

Meta Tag Pragma

How to use Meta Pragma Tag on your website? The HTML meta tag HTTP-EQUIV PRAGMA isn\'t used that much anymore. Since Internet Explorer version 5 they stopped supporting the tag. This meta tag was used for caching, meaning storing a web-page locally.

Meta Tag Refresh

How to use Meta Refresh Tag on your website? By using this tag you can define after how long a page has to be refreshed or after a certain period of seconds you want your visitor to be redirected to another webpage. Search engines usually don\'t like it when you use refresh pages. A better solution is to add a clickable link.

Meta Tag Resource Type

How to use Meta Resource Type Tag on your website? The meta resource-type tag defines the type of webpage. This helps search engines and indexes to categorize your website.

Meta Tag Script Type

How to use Meta Script-Type Tag on your website? The HTML meta tag HTTP-EQUIV CONTENT-SCRIPT-TYPE specifies the default scripting language in a document.

Meta Tag Style Type

How to use Meta Style Type Tag on your website? The HTML meta tag HTTP-EQUIV CONTENT-STYLE-TYPE specifies the default style sheet language for a document.

Meta Tag Window Target

How to use Meta Window Target Tag on your website? The HTML meta tag HTTP-EQUIV WINDOW TARGET specifies the named window of the current page. This tag can be used to stop a page from appearing in a frame with many (not all) browsers.

Meta Tag Dublin Core

How to use Meta Dublin Core Tag on your website? The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative ( dc meta tags ) is an open organization engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models. DCMI\'s (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) activities include work on architecture and modeling, discussions and collaborative work in DCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups, annual conferences and workshops, standards liaison, and educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and practices.

Meta Robots No Index

How to use Meta Nofollow Tag on your website? Try to avoid having a PageRank leak on your website. Do you want to add a link but don\'t want to lose the search engine spiders from your site, always add the following extra text in a href :

Meta Tag Canonical URL

How to use Meta Canonical Tag on your website? Google, Bing and Yahoo support using the canonical tag in your source.

Meta Tags Miscellaneous

How to use Miscellaneous Meta Tags on your website? Many meta tags have come and have disappeared in the previous years. This is why we also have a list of meta tags and HTML tags that are of lesser importance.

Meta Tag Miscellaneous Http-Equiv

How to use Miscellaneous http-equiv Tag on your website? By using the so-called HTTP-EQUIV meta tags you can add certain values to your website.

Meta Tag Influence Meter Tag

How to use Meta Influence Meter Tag on your website? Unfortunately, we still hear from people who claim that meta tags have no influence on your ranking with the search engines. Let us show you that they skip certain very important points.

SEO Success Mantra

SEO Success Mantra

15 Success Mantra for Search Engine Optimization, Creating meta tags for better search engine optimization ( SEO ) is an accurate job. Some people call it developing meta tags instead of making them. We call it Meta Design! Very often it\'s possible to add meta tags in the developing program that you use to make your website. But sometimes there are no options or controllable settings.

Success Mantra for Preparations

SEO Success Mantra for Preparations, Plan - How to get a better result for a website. To build or maintain a successful website it\'s required to have a certain vision in the long run. Submissions will become better in time once they are added to an index of a search engine. Check regularly over a year to see how your website has improved in the index and if your website is found more easily. For this structure, we\'ve made a plan.

Success Mantra for Domain Name

SEO Success Mantra for Domain Name (Optimize Your Domain Name), Your goal is to get as many visitors to your website as possible. Make sure that you pick the right domain name. A domain name should be easy to type and easy to pronounce. Think of the future while picking a name. It happens that in time you want to change your brand name. As a result, your listings in the search engines are gone.

Success Mantra for Design

SEO Success Mantra for Design (Optimize Your Website Design), Creating a website is not an easy job to do. What would you like to accomplish with your site or what do you want to offer your visitor? Remember the KiS (Keep It Simple) method. You want to provide information to make sure that the information is easy to find.

Success Mantra for Web Pages

SEO Success Mantra for Web Pages (Optimize All Web Pages), Search engines prefer small web-pages. Try to limit the page under 20K, under 10K is even better. We even presume that you pay less for Google Adwords if the landing page has a low loading time. Use the possibilities of e.g. Photoshop to leave out certain colors in the logo or photo. Delete HTML code in your webpage that has no meaning and avoid moving images when you enter the website.

Success Mantra for Content

SEO Success Mantra for Content (Create Real and Original Content), Make sure that you have real content on your website. It may sound strange but try to pay attention to placing the content of good quality. Put text on your website that means something. If you\'re having trouble writing text maybe it\'s a good idea to hire a scriptwriter and make sure you have at least 500 words on your web-page.

Success Mantra for Internal Links

SEO Success Mantra for Internal Links (Internal, external, incoming, and outgoing links ), Almost everybody has links on its website to external pages. Search engines value these links between websites. If more people place a link to your website the content of your website becomes more important. These are the so-called external links. Don\'t forget to check these links regularly. If someone asks you to place a link, check if they place your link as well.

Success Mantra for Online

SEO Success Mantra for Online (Get your website online) Now it\'s time to upload your website. Make sure that a spider of a search engine can crawl through your whole website. All pages must be linked to one another otherwise the spider gets stuck in your website. Always make sure that your visitor can get back to the index-page with one or two mouse clicks.

Success Mantra for Submit

SEO Success Mantra for Submit (Submit Your Website to Search Engines), Now you are ready to submit your website to the search engines. Use one of our packages to submit your site. Manage your keywords, content, and description online. It\'s also possible to enter more than one website. After submitting your website you will have to have patience, the most difficult thing about the whole process.

Success Mantra for Statistics

SEO Success Mantra for Statistics (Web server Statistics ! They are very important !)

Success Mantra for Spiders

SEO Success Mantra for Spiders, (Spiders and Robots), Spiders will begin to visit your website. Spiders are robots of search engines that index your website fully automatically. You can find a list of these spiders on our web-page. Check if it\'s possible for a spider to crawl your whole site. If a spider gets stuck somewhere in your website, place a new internal link and wait for the spider to visit your website again.

Success Mantra for Maintenance

SEO Success Mantra for Maintenance (Maintenance - Keep your website up-to-date every day), Go back to step 5 and keep repeating this, try to add a new item or page with new content every day. Don\'t keep a journal but put relevant content on your website. Having trouble writing a new text? Hire a text writer who can help you. Make a plan, what would you like to add this week or next month? And what will you do next year? Take a look at news sites. Every day new pages and new content.

Success Mantra for Network

SEO Success Mantra for Network (Be part of a greater network), Build a network. Use a reasonable email-list system. Don\'t spam but give the users the possibility to sign up for your newsletter. Use well-known techniques like \"tell a friend\" or send e-cards.

Success Mantra for Log Files

SEO Success Mantra for Log Files (Logfiles), Analyze your log-files. Follow your visitors, do what they do, make a graphic, and ask your provider to put a statistics program on your site. It\'s free information, but you need to do something with it.

Success Mantra for Think Ahead

SEO Success Mantra for Think Ahead (Think Ahead), Think ahead. Christmas offer? Make sure you have your pages ready by October. Otherwise, you\'ll never be in time to submit your site and be admitted to the index. Make a task list or an online calendar to manage your site. Remove old information and don\'t submit test pages.

Meta Tag After 6 Months

SEO Success Mantra for After 6 Months (After Six Months), Check your submissions and where needed, return to step 8: submit your website again.