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Meta Name Title - Meta Title Tags

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

How to use Meta Title Tag on your website? The meta title is the name of an HTML document. It is stored in the head data of the document. It can only appear once in the entire document. Optimizing meta titles for better rankings is an important part of SEO. Alternative descriptions of meta titles are the title tag or page title. The addition "Meta" is technically incorrect because it is not a meta-description. However, in practice, the title counts as part of the metadata in the header of a website.

<title>relevant and attractive phrase </title>

Search engines use your title to determine the relevancy with keywords. That's why you should invest time to come up with a relevant and attractive title. You will regularly find the title in the head part of the source of your web-page. Just look at the following example to see how it looks like:

<!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <title>My Test page</title> </head> <body> <p>Here you find a test text</p> </body> </html>

Impression - SEO Your Title Tags & Title Optimization

The title is the first impression people get of your website. It has to persuade them to click on your link and not the link of your competitor.

If you look at the following 4 examples, which text would persuade you to click on your website?

  • Homepage
  • Welcome to RGB Webtech SCO Check List.
  • RGB Webtech. Your online SEO Check List.
  • Complete List of meta tags | SEO Check List

Without a doubt, the last title is the best. Pay attention to the use of the pipe-sign | The pipe sign is a vertical line which you will find just above the enter key on your keyboard. By using the pipe sign you can divide a sentence visually. Don't forget that people scan the text and don't read it. Start to experiment with your title and find out which title provides the most clicks and the best conversion. Because you can always do better :

Complete List of meta tags | SEO Check List | RGB Webtech

Or emphasize what makes your business or service unique:

Complete List of Meta Tags for SEO Optimization | On-page SEO

The title must be clickable. By using the title you can influence click behavior. So it is very important to come up with a fantastic title. Make sure you make up a unique title for every page of your website. Many website builders don't make proper titles. They use a so-called template and you are only able to fill out meta tags once. Those tags will be used for every web-page of your website. So the same meta tags on every page. This is fatal for your chance to get a good listing in the index of a search engine.

  • do not use keywords more than once in the title
  • use characters like () * and | to make a sentence easy to read
  • put a call-to-action in the title. Stimulate a click, ask for an order!

Title tag - Where should I place this HTML meta tag?

Add meta tags to every web-page of your website, not only to your first (index) page. Make sure that every page gets its own, unique title and use keywords and text that are relevant to the web-page. It might look like a lot of work, but you will see that it works!

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