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Last updated on March 25th, 2023 by RGB Web Tech

How to use Meta No Email Tag on your website? The meta tags no-email-collection is an unspam.com initiative. Sure, the die-hard spammer will not be stopped by this tag. This tag is mainly used to have a statement on your website: we don't want you to harvest our email address.

And if you have this statement on your website you can complain about spam harvesting and spam runs. In the USA you can even start a lawsuit.

This is why the meta tag contains a link to the page with your statement regarding spam runs and harvesting.

This meta tag does not influence your search engine ranking. Meta tags who do have a lot of influence are the title of your page, the keywords, and the description meta tag.

<meta name="no-email-collection" content="link or terms">

An example of how to use the meta tag no-email-collection?

Add the following meta tag in the source of your web-page. The difference in spelling at the end of the tag is either you use " /> = for XML or "> = for HTML.

<meta name="no-email-collection" content="https://www.rgbwebtech.com">

Where should you add this no-email-collection tag?

You may add this no-email-collection meta tag to all of your web-pages, so not only in the first index page. Make sure that on every page relevant meta tags are added. Add keywords and phrases that are relevant and correspond to the text and the language on that specific page. It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works!


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