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18 Best Dedicated Hosting Providers 2022

Last updated on November 7th, 2022 by RGB Web Tech

Are you looking for the Best Dedicated Hosting Providers for your domain, but you are not sure where to buy the Best Dedicated Hosting Services? Here are the 18 Best Dedicated Hosting Companies 2022 for your domain.

Our in-depth reviews can help you to buy the Best Dedicated Hosting Solutions according to your budget or requirement. You can choose the Best Dedicated Hosting Providers according to Popularity or Exclusive Sales.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

As the name implies, Best Dedicated Server hosting is hosting on a server that is fully Dedicated to your website and business. This means that the entire server is at your disposal and you need not share the resources of the said server. This also means that you have a lot more control over what happens with the server.

On the other hand, you also have the responsibility of up-keeping and managing the server yourself, unless you have bought a package that has a management of some degree.

While the server hosts your website and you are the sole user of the server, you should know that you do not, in fact, own a server, but are merely leasing it for a given time. Servers are usually housed in huge data centres where they are wall-mounted.

Depending on the kind of management you opt for, you can have server administrators at these data centres to look after your server. Should you not have this as part of the Best Dedicated Server hosting plans, you may have to undertake the arduous tasks of configuring, maintaining and managing the server yourself.

In this guide, we reviewed the 18 Best Dedicated Hosting Providers, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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HostGator WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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MilesWeb WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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DomainRacer WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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AccuWeb WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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Inmotion WordPress Web Hosting in USA

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iPage WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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DreamHost WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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A2 Hosting WordPress Web Hosting in USA

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HostPapa WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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InterServer WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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Namecheap WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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tsoHost WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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TurnKey Internet WordPress Web Hosting in USA
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Web Hosting Pad WordPress Web Hosting in USA

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eukhost WordPress Web Hosting in USA


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Features Of Best Dedicated Hosting

When choosing to go the best Dedicated Server hosting route it is important to make sure it is the right choice for you. You have to make sure you will get what you need, as it can be an expensive path to take. There are three key features to look out for when selecting the best Dedicated Servers hosting; quality customer service, customised features & ease of use, as well as security & dependability.

  • Quality Customer Service: If you are new to Dedicated Servers you may not know how to configure, maintain and manage a server. This is where quality support is most important. It is important you get dedicated, professional and expert help when you need it, in order to get your site up and running again as soon as possible.
  • Customised Features and Ease of Use : Because Dedicated Servers are usually marketed to companies with high traffic and resource requirements, they usually come with software and customised features designed to make this an easier process to handle. So, check whether all essential tools are available that will help you keep your server healthy.
  • Security and Dependability : Unlike other hosting plans, Dedicated hosting solutions come with real-time monitoring and security backups so you can rest assured that your data is not vulnerable.

Is Dedicated Hosting right for you?

To select the right hosting provider, you need to consider the factors mentioned in this web hosting checklist. There are many reasons as to why Dedicated Server hosting may be right for you. You may be in a field that requires resource-intensive software. You may be a company that has outgrown other forms of hosting such as Shared or VPS.

You may even feel that your site is going to require heavy resources, whether disk space, bandwidth or RAM. These may mean you have to get a Dedicated Server but there are further factors to consider before purchasing the use of the Dedicated Server.

Types of Best Dedicated Hosting

  • Windows Dedicated Hosting : As mentioned in earlier articles, you have the choice of two operating systems, Windows or Linux. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. When you are using other types of hosting plans you may not be able to choose which operating system to use but in the case of Dedicated Server hosting, you can. It should be said right off the bat that Windows Dedicated Servers are usually more expensive. They rely on Windows, which is paid software and therefore, requires a license to use it. It is best to use a Windows Dedicated Server when you have to use Windows exclusive applications or applications that work best on Windows, for example, the .NET framework.
  • Linux Dedicated Hosting : This is the operating system of choice for most website developers. It offers a plethora of applications to work with. Furthermore, it is open source and as such, it has many distributions that are free to use. Hence, it is a little cheaper than the Windows Dedicated Hosting plans. It is also generally thought of as more stable and more secure than Windows for server operations.
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting : Most Dedicated Server plans require you to manage your own server, that’s why it has more of an administrative burden versus other forms of hosting such as Shared hosting. This being said, you can purchase a Dedicated hosting plan that comes with management. Should you need management of your server you should make sure that the plan you sign includes the level of management you need.

Dedicated Hosting – Advantages & Disadvantages

With all that being said, it still remains to be asked: Who are the best Dedicated Server hosting providers in India? What about their packages make them the top Dedicated Server hosting providers? However, before we check out the list of the best Dedicated Server hosting companies, let’s take a look at the many advantages of choosing Dedicated Server hosting. Simultaneously, we’ll also check out their disadvantages.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Customization: Because you have the server to yourself you can customise much more than if you had to share it. As such, you can customise your server so as to serve your target market best.
  • Uptime: As you have the use and control of all the resources at your disposal, you will have far fewer chances of downtime. With effective monitoring times, you could possibly move it up to 100% uptime.
  • Congestion: You have far less chance of server congestions as the server and its resources are all there for only you to use.
  • Security: Your actions on the server are the only ones to put the server a risk. As there are no neighbouring clients to run buggy software or scripts. You can also install anti-virus and other anti-malware measures that will be best for your particular business.
  • Support: Depending on the Dedicated hosting plan you use, you may get excellent support for all aspects of the server you use.

Thus, it is vitally important that you look at the services offered before selecting the best Dedicated Server hosting for your business.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Cost: As stated earlier, Dedicated Servers are more expensive because the hosting company could host multiple different clients on a server, with Dedicated Server hosting only one client has the entire use of the server. This is not taking into account any licensing fees you may need to pay to use a software.
  • Maintenance: Because Dedicated Servers mean the user will configure, run and maintain the server, they are much more of an administrative burden. This is worse for those who are new to using Dedicated Servers. Most people and businesses first use the other hosting options and then upgrade as needed.
  • Technical Requirements: Dedicated Servers can be very difficult for newbies to set up. They require a certain amount of knowledge to set, ranging from IP routing to server mechanism.

Dedicated Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Unlike other forms of hosting, where you share a server with other clients, Dedicated hosting is where you have control of the whole physical server. These are usually heavy duty pieces of machinery that are housed in large data centres.

Does Dedicated Hosting mean I own the server?

No. Depending on how your host company words the contract, it usually means a form of a lease or rental agreement. It is not yours to own.

Why would a business choose a Dedicated Server?

Outside of a Cloud hosting infrastructure, Dedicated Servers have the maximum processing power and resources. When you choose to have a Dedicated Server, you have the use of all the resources that the physical server has to offer, thus you can use resource-intensive software. With this full control, you sometimes have the ability to create your own configurations, as well as use any software you need or choose.

What is Server Management?

Server management is a group of tasks undertaken to manage and secure the server. Most companies have in-house technical experts to do this. Should you not have one, it would be best to buy a plan that includes management as Dedicated Servers can be a big security risk without server management.

Does it matter where the data centre is located?

Yes. It’s usually best to have the data centre reasonably close to the people that will be visiting your site, or using your applications. At the very least, the data centre should be on the same continent as your target audience.

What operating systems can I run on a Dedicated Server?

Theoretically, you can run any operating system on your computer. However, most hosts offer a choice of Linux distributions on Dedicated Servers. Should you need to use certain Windows exclusive applications, you may run Windows server. But you should consider licensing. Some host providers offer packages with licences included, some do not and leave it to you to do the purchasing and licensing.

What software applications can I run on a Dedicated Server?

As it is your Dedicated Server, you have full control over what you run on the server. However, this is limited by the terms and conditions of the contract you sign with the host providers. Some packages have hosts prohibiting certain types of content. As such, make sure you are signing a contract that will cater to your needs.

Are there any limitations on what I can do with a Dedicated Server?

Terms of Service for Dedicated Servers usually specifically prohibit illegal content. Remember: what’s legal in your own country may not be legal in your host’s country. So be careful. Many providers will object to sexual or graphic content, some types of political content and material that violate copyright law.

You need to be especially mindful of the law if you are running a site that allows users to upload their own content to your server. For example, on a social media website, it’s impossible to manually approve everything that users do.

Do I need to know about Server Administration in order to run a Dedicated Server?

No, but it helps a lot given the scope of your responsibility. You will be responsible for the server, the content, data security and software. As such, these skills and knowledge will come in handy.

Many hosts won’t help you if your server is wrongly configured. If they do step in, they’ll probably bill you for it. So if you don’t know how to manage the server, make sure you buy a fully managed package.

Do I have to monitor my server myself?

Yes. Depending on what kind of Dedicated hosting plan you choose, managed or semi-managed, your host may monitor it for you. Should you not have management as part of your plan, then it is best you use monitoring tools to keep track of your server’s status.

Can I get the hosting company to manage my Dedicated Server?

Yes. There are options which you can choose to manage your server. There are ‘remote hands’ support which covers hardware and some other tasks. There is even complete monitoring and management. You can then buy any additional services you may need such as backup plans.

In this regard, you get what you pay for, so if a package looks very cheap, make sure it has the support you need.

Are there any drawbacks to Dedicated Server hosting?

Yes, they are much more expensive than VPS’s or the other plans such as Shared hosting. They also have a higher administrative burden because you have to manage them yourself. It may be best to start off with a VPS if you don’t need a full server yet.

Is Dedicated Server hosting scalable?

They may offer a lot more storage and bandwidth but they are still physical servers and as such, have limits. If you hit those limits you will have to upgrade hardware to scale up. There are options available such as Cloud hosting or hybrid but that falls out of the realm of Dedicated Servers.

What are the types of web hosting?

This answer will be different for everyone. It depends on the type of website you have, the resources you need, your budget, and traffic.

We gave our top recommendation for each category in this guide, so that’s the best place for you to start your search.

Once you know what you need, you can narrow your options. To figure out what category you fall in, here’s a quick recap of the different hosting types and who they are for:

  • Shared Hosting — Shared hosting is the most cost-effective plan for entry-level websites.
  • VPS Hosting — VPS hosting is for websites that have outgrown shared hosting.
  • WordPress Hosting — WordPress hosting optimized for WordPress sites.
  • Dedicated Hosting — Dedicated hosting is Enterprise-level servers for large websites.
  • Cloud Hosting — Cloud hosting is best for websites that are growing rapidly.
  • Reseller Hosting — Reseller hosting is for agencies, web developers, and web designers.
  • Managed Hosting — Managed hosting is an IT hosting model in which the client leases servers or cloud computing resources.
  • Colocation Hosting — Colocation hosting is where you rent space for your IT hardware at a 3rd party provider’s data center facility.
  • Self Service Hosting — Self hosting is a form of running your own website or application by setting up a server and network yourself.
  • Cluster Hosting — A cluster hosting is a host that is configured to take over the role of another host server within a cluster.


During your search, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. For example, what is the uptime for your favorite host? Some of the best web hosts have an uptime of 99.99%, boasting a downtime of 0.01%.

Additionally, consider how easy SEO will be. Does your desired hosting service allow for easy optimization? In the digital age, SEO is incredibly important, meaning you can’t afford to overlook it and will want a hosting provider that makes it easy.

You now know which the Best Dedicated Hosting Providers are, and you are ready to try one out. Good luck in the world of hosting!


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